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EMTrust GmbHEMTrust

  • EMTrust GmbH is an Embedded Computing Expert specialized on CompactPCI, PCI and PCI Express based System Level Solutions built for demanding applications in industrial heavy duty environments. Several decades of design and market experience secure the availability of standard and custom system configurations for data processing, control, automation and mobile server solutions. EMTrust was founded in 2008 to specifically take over of major asset parts of the former Inova® Computers GmbH.

E.E.P.D. GmbHE.E.P.D.

  • E.E.P.D. GmbH is an Embedded Computing Expert specialized on COM Express, PC/104, SBC, Semicustom and Fullcustom Board Level Solutions supported by configuration control, LCC management and technology insertion services for OEMs. More than 70 employees make up the backbone of E.E.P.D., which was founded in 1988 and is currently a leading player for large volume supplies into strategic industrial OEM Key Accounts – and provides a wide range of services such as design, development, tests and production.

V.D.S. Video Display Systems srlV.D.S. Video Display Systems srl

  • V.D.S. Video Display Systems srl is an expert for special Rugged LCD Display Solutions in Trains, Autobuses and Maritime applications. Since its foundation in 1988 V.D.S. is supplying edge technology for superior electronic platforms in for demanding user environment. All V.D.S. products are screened for high performance and reliability on rugged platforms, design experience and particular care on product manufacturing.

Merath metallsysteme GmbHMerath metallsysteme GmbH

  • Merath metallsysteme GmbH is a mechanical enclosure expert for Industrial Electronics and Data Processing Systems. Standardized and customised product design are delivered with highly automated and KANBAN based CNC manufacturing facilities – at high quality, reliability and Just in Time.

inaswiss Technology GmbHinaswiss Technology GmbH

  • inaswiss Technology GmbH specializes in ruggedized solutions for industrial control, transportation, telecommunication, avionics and robotics. According to your specifications, we configure your systems and assist you intensively during the integration and later on with services. We represent established international manufactures with hardware standards such as MicroTCA, AMC, CompactPCI, VME, PMC, PCI, IP and others.


  • LynuxWorks, a world leader in the embedded software market, is committed to providing open and reliable real-time operating systems (RTOS) and software tools to embedded developers. The company's LynxOS family of operating systems offers open standards with the highest level of safety and security features, enabling many mission-critical systems in defense, avionics and other industries. The latest product in the portfolio, the award-winning LynxSecure, offers a secure separation kernel and embedded hypervisor that forms a platform for the development of high-assurance systems. Since it was established in 1988, LynuxWorks has created technology that has been successfully deployed in thousands of designs and millions of products made by leading communications, avionics, aerospace/defense, and consumer electronics companies. LynuxWorks' headquarters are located in San José, California. The sales office for Central Europe is located in Haar (Munich). For more information, please visit or

TVL MEDIA Embedded Computing is your innovative solutions partner for your tailored projects in:


  • Digital Signage Kiosks
  • Industrial Control
  • Traffic Automation
  • Data Communication
  • Railway Transportation
  • Automotive Transportation
  • Maritime Transportation
  • Industrial Lighting Solutions for Building Automation and Transportation


Each of our manufacturers has an experienced track record spanning more than 20 years, and they are all leading suppliers of high quality embedded hardware products, and add-on solutions, for form factors like:


  • 3U CompactPCI
  • PC/104
  • COM Express
  • Single Board Computers
  • Semi Custom Computers
  • Fully Customized Computer Boards
  • Standard and Designer Mechanical Housings


as well as complete plug and play system configurations like:


  • BoxPCs
  • PanelPCs
  • Digital Signage Kiosks
  • Rugged Mobile 3U Communication Servers
  • Railway Transport HMI Displays
  • Railway Transport IDU Displays
  • Railway Transport VCU Displays
  • Road Transport Smart Video Terminals
  • Maritime Certified Glass Bridge Displays
  • Maritime Certified Indoor/Outdoor Displays


for rugged and heavy duty user environments.

Featured Product


New: Railway Intelligent HMI


The DMI-210 Railway Intelligent HMI is designed to provide a robust and versatile display solution for rolling stock applications.


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